Chipotle Mayonnaise Salmon

cursed to cook salmon in mayonnaise as though it were a grilled cheese? (I think yes)

but 1am is when we commit food crimes babey!!!

-> make some rice however u make rice (I used slightly less than 1 solo cup of rice, an estimate I have bc I used 2 solo cups of water and it was slightly too much)
-> I also used an instant pot bc I accidentally burned the cord of my rice cooker and my rice cooker always burns my rice 🙁

the mayonnaise crime
-> one mountain of mayonnaise
-> what seems like it’s probably too much raspberry chipotle seasoning (it’s not enough actually)
-> a tasteful amount of parsley flakes (like u can tell they’re in there but it’s not overwhelming)
-> nowhere near enough onion and garlic powder
-> add more of all those things bc it still looks too much like mayo and we’re trying to class it up.

the salmon
-> 4 of those single serving salmon filets that they sell in big bags at the walmart
-> one bunch of green onion, chopped
-> one green bell pepper, cut however feels right to u (I did like a slice + one pass of chopping)
-> put black pepper on the salmons. oops you put way too much pepper. oh well.
-> forget to use salt
-> coat the salmon with the mayonnaise crime in whatever way feels appropriate to you (I used a baby spoon that I think i have had my entire life)
-> heat a pot or whatever on like medium-high??? I have this, idk I think it’s a saucepot? it has a lid that can vent a lot or not as much. I’m gonna have it vent not as much.
-> put the salmons on there skin down.
-> wait a minute and put the bell pepper in there.
-> get worried your going to overcook the salmon and put the onions in, now u have covered ur salmon with green veggies.
-> turn the heat down a little and cover
-> do the dishes
-> get worried ur going to overcook the salmon and turn the heat down a little and let it simmer
-> take the trash down and come back to discover the burner flame has gone out 🙁
-> turn the heat back up to like idk medium, medium low, there are no marks on the knobs so I have to eyeball it.
-> eventually get so worried about the Salmon that u reach in there with a spatula and make it so the salmon is on top of the veggies
-> put the lid back on and then just let your anxiety + the color of the fish decide when it’s done cooking.
-> serve with rice and feel like theres not enough veggies