“Coraline” by Neil Gaiman

Buy, Borrow, or Skip?

Borrow! This book is well-liked enough that I strongly suspect you have a friend or library who will lend it to you!

Spoiler-free Synopsis:

It’s a short children’s novella about a young girl who, somewhat neglected and bored during a long summer break, wanders into what seems to be a little pocket dimension where everything is just a little bit more interesting.

Content Warnings:

Body Horror.

Impressions, Comments, and Personal Beefs:

I’d been putting this one off for awhile- You know when everyone you know loves something a lot, so you put it off in case you don’t like it? That’s what happened to me with “Coraline.”

I got my copy of this book several years ago from the box-filled garage of an abandoned house. It was already on my “I should probably get to this” list and, boy, who could ever pass up a free book.

Thinking about it right now that origin story seems a little on the nose.

Y’all I think this book- my specific copy, maybe not other copies- might be haunted? I dunno. I just have that distinct feeling “this book is haunted” and I don’t know what to do with that information.

It’s really hard to separate this book and my reading of it from what I’d heard about it, in depth, from people who loved it as well as the movie (which, I have not seen), and I’m absolutely certain that others have gone much farther in depth about this book, much better than I can, so I’ll keep it short:

I really like how Coraline always has her wits about her- even as she’s drawn to the initial offerings of the other-mother, Coraline follows her gut and intends wholly not to mess with this nightmare-creature even a little bit, and only does so when absolutely pressed.

This book is a quick read- It took me about two hours. Sentences are short and to-the-point, and structurally there’s not really anything extra! It’s just the bare bones of a solid story.

If, like me, you somehow haven’t read this one yet: absolutely give it a go.